ZULS SID for 27R


I created a runway definition scenery in my community folder to get ZULS runways to have correct designations : 09L and 27R.

I got runway 27R STAR and both VOR and ILS approaches (09L is a visual approach so no STAR or approach to select of course).

I got SID for runway 09L but no SID for runway 27R (DM & RKZ 11D). I emptied cache, moved my runway definition addon above navigraph in content.xml and still the same.

On the picture we can see that I already chose 27R STAR and approach, means that 27R definition is correct. We can also see the SID list with only 09L SID, means that 09L definition is correct also.

Do you have any explanation or maybe a little hope to get these 27R SID in next update?

Thank you

Sorry for french version Départs = departure (SID) Arrivées = arrivals (STAR).