YMLT SID ONAGI2B data not interceping

The YMLT SID ONAGI2B data (current AIRAC 2404) seems to have a problem loading into MSFS PMDG 737NG and XP12.

The attached screenshots are from MSFS PMDG 737NG. You can see the flighplan YMLT->YMML loaded, showing a left turn onto a direct track to ONAGI. You can then see that when the SID ONAGI2B is loaded, the FMS wants to turn right instead of left and the direct track now doesn’t intersect with LT and the INTC point in the CDU seems wrong. Trying all the SIDs from that plate, errors also result in the location of the INTC point on both ONAGI2B & NUNPA2B.

Based on the error existing both on XP12 & MSFS PMDG 737NG, I’m guessing the error is in the data, not the interpretation.

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