YBCS - Cairns Swift 8 Departure - coding in NaviGraph vs Jeppesen

Hi All,

Jumping onboard again with NaviGraph after a long absence, so excuse me if this has been covered. The Jeppesen description of this departure states:
“Track 150. At the earlier of 400’ or the departure end of the runway (D2.6CS) turn LEFT and track 030. Intercept CS R-080 and after passing 4000 turn RIGHT direct SWIFT and thence as cleared”

When loading the SWIFT 8 using NaviGraph, is goes”

ie - its’ tracking back to CS VOR, rather than turning onto a heading to intercept the 080 radial from it.

Is there a way to change the way this SID is coded in NaviGraph?

Thanks for your help

Best regards - Eivind