YBAS taylored procedure MINIM2.YOTHU missing turn direction

The bug is in the MINIM2 departure, YOTHU transition. There’s a radius-to-fix leg defined from AS514 to YOHTU. It doesn’t say if it’s a right turn or a left turn, which is kind of important for a curved leg, to know which way around it should curve. Since there are no charts for that procedure (it’s airline-specific) I don’t know whether they meant a left turn or a right turn.

Can you ask a person who has access to the airline-specific charts to take a look and then have the missing L or R for left turn or right turn added to the taylored record?


Ping @stewamar :arrow_up: … can you look into it please? Thank you very much!

Thanks Philipp, Martin is the designer of these tailored records … I guess, we (or better Martin) can fix this.


Hello Richard and Philipp, apologies for the error and thanks for finding it!!

An updated set of data has been sent by email.

Regards, Martin YBLT

@stewamar as always, thank you very much for your fast fix, I have received the file and as updated it … :wink:

@PhilippM added now, you should expect it with the next cycle 2309 :wink:

Thanks you, danke dir

Perfect, thanks !

Das nächste Udpate kommt bestimmt.

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