Xplane 11.41 FMS data missing

I try to find Xplane 11.41 in the manual install list but it is no more here. Where can I find it?
I did the mistake to put XP11.50 data and Xplane is not working anymore.

Hi Philippe,
XP11.4x is obsolete and therefore we have also removed the dataset for this version. Look at here, we have announced this also in our FAQ:

It´s highly recommended to update your XP11.4x version to XP11.5x

You wrote, you have installed the XP11.5 dataset into your XP11.4x version - to solve this, it should be possible to re-install the XP11 - the setup should detect what is “wrong” and should download/overwrite the files, that you can use your XP11.4 version again. When not, please contact us again, then you must remove the files from the “custom data folder” to re-install the AIRAC files via the XP-setup.


Ok, thanks, I finally followed your advice and updated to 11.5X.
Xplane runs again, I try it now.
Thanks for your quick answer.
Best regards

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Merci for the update, Philippe. Let us know, when we can do more for you.


Hi Richard
I have an issue with the FMS DATA MANAGER. In the past, I could update any aircraft via the data manager. But I have issues with FF A320, SSG 747-8 and Xplane for a few months, I am obliged to update them manually.
Any idea on what I can do to fix this?

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Hi Philippe.

In latest FMS Data Manager Settings tab ensure your X-Plane path is correct. Press Save.

In Addon Mappings tab select and Remove FF A320, SSG 747-8 and X-Plane entries . Press Scan and Save. Check their mappings look correct. If not please post screenshot of Addon Mappings page using Guide to posting Screenshots


Hi, is there no way to get the manual download for X-Plane 11.41 ?
I still run this version of X-Plane. If I only need to upgrade yet to 11.5 that means for me I can no longer use my X-Vision version. That could not be true…

Servus Stefan
no, we don´t provide & support XP11.4x any longer, sorry!

But X-Vision is available for XP11.5x also (from their webpage):


Hey, that is really sad. You still support X-Plane 10. I just started my Tool and upgraded my Addons. I was just about to download the manual client for my X-Plane. Now I have a problem…I know that there is a new X-Vision version. The problem is, the preset which I love is not supported on X-Plane 11.50 and the new X-Plane version. That means for me, I will lose all of these because if not updating my AIRAC I cant fly online anymore.

But that’s unfortunately true, they have abandoned XP11.41 :disappointed:
XP10 has a better treatment !
So I had to go to 11.50 and honestly, I regret that, very disappointing and as a Mac user, it’s worth than before

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Yes, I did no flying for 7 days, and now I need to update to 11.50 just to use my FMS data. That is kind of not okay in my opinion.

Sorry guys, but we have announced this since November 2020. Also here in the forum …


What will I miss or, what will not work if I leave my X-Plane 11.41 AIRAC at 2014 but upgrade all of my Addons like Planes?

Hi Stefan,

Navigraph supports the latest release of X-Plane 11. As a courtesy to our customers we extended Navdata support of the older version for 5 months to give them time to update.

If the current release has issues for you or your favourite addons you should take that up with Laminar Research. It is not a Navigraph issue.

FMS Data Manager supports X-Plane 11.50 only. You might be able to update addons using manual installs, but not default X-Plane aircraft. This might cause incompatibilities and would be unsupported.


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