XP 11.4 support


I just renewed my airac subscription. and i noticed and foud after googling thtat 11.4 is not supported anymore. that is a major problem for me and others as we do not want to update. I do not how hard it is to keep offering 11.4 support. half of my planes are useless now.

Are you guys considering to start offering it again or offer a manual install. is there a way to manually convert the data?

b regards

Hi Stefan,
right, we don´t support XP11.4x any longer, here is the public FAQ to this topic (which we have announced this for more than 6 months now):

The reason is, that XP11.4x is outdated since 09/2020 and will not be updated any longer. The same for the addons. I don´t know any new addon which will be developed for XP11.4x. - therefore we have decided to remove this dataset.

The last distributed AIRAC file was 2014 and this dataset can still be used, we don´t offer outdated files …

Sorry for this bad news …

Hi Richard,
thank you for clarifiying. where can i manually download 2014.

Nowhere Stefan, as I wrote we don’t provide outdated cycles. But you should still have installed 2014 … or at least the latest from your last subscription. Sorry, that we can’t offer more.


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