XP12 Native Zip2208 unzipped cycle 2209

I installed XP12 Native Zip2208 but noticed it unzipped cycle 2209.

I assume you have looked into the cycle.info file right? Thats from the 2209 cycle right but thats only an information file which will not be used from X-Plane.

All other files are cycle 2208, you see this on the header when you open the file or directly in the FMC/S.


Hi Richard,

I was only reporting my first observations.
Glad to have the Navigraph cycle in XP12.
Thanks for the follow up.

No prob - we decided at very short notice to offer also the XP12 dataset with 2208 for this one day. And the cycle-info file is a global file and I haven´t set it back to 2208. But neverless, it will not be used by X-Plane - it´s only a information file for us, in case of a support question.

Thanks for your kind words, happy flying :wink:

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