XP11 KSEA nav data still missing

Hello, last June I opened a topic because KSEA data is missing since cycle 2305. This problem still exists (see pic). I use XP11 on an Imac 2019 Big Sur. Update both XP11 & GNS430 with FMS Data Manager, last update 2307. Can somebody help me please?

can you upload the flightplan please? From where is the flightplan? How have you created it?

We don’t offer airports, nor runways in our X-Plane updates therefore I assume another issue on your system.

But, please let me check the flightplan first on my system, if I can reproduce it.

Thank you,

Hi Richard, I added the flightplan that was created in SimBrief/Navigraph. As far as I can see the fms is not the problem, but the fact that GNS430 cannot find the proper KSEA data (see my earlier topic). I checked the data in Custum data/GNS430/navdata and the AIRAC cycle in cycle_info.txt & cycle.json is 2307.
Thanks, Jan W.
KAWOKSEA.fms (180 Bytes)

and this happens only when you load the flightplan? You can select KSEA as a scenery and or directly in the FMS/Garmin?

You can try to delete all content in the custom data folder. That set XP back to the default data. After that try again to load the flightplan and/or aet the flightplan manually in the specific nav device.


Selecting the KSEA scenery is no problem, but loading KSEA in GNS/garmin is. I did the reset to XP cycle 1801, but with the samen result; selecting KSEA in GNS is not possible. I suppose I have to skip KSEA from my destinations.
Thx, Jan W.

I have checked your uploaded flightplan - thanks for that:

Here the flightplan:

1100 Version
CYCLE 2307
1 KAWO ADEP 142.000000 48.160800 -122.159000
1 KSEA ADES 432.000000 47.449900 -122.312000

When I load the flightplan in the G1000 I get following warning message:

So, nothing from KSEA - the flightplan loads as it should. But the strange thing is the warning too - because the ARLIN2 is existing in the KAWO procedure file.

Here from AIRAC 2307:

First, I can´t reproduce the KSEA message - this doesn´t pop up on my system so I still guess, it´s something on your system (also after the test, to remove the current cycle). I can´t explain the warning in my test, that should be asked to Laminar because I don´t see any navdata issue here.

The procedure is existing and I don´t see any reason, why it should not be loaded …

Sorry, but at least KSEA isn´t the issue here …


Thanks for your check and reaction. I don’t know if Laminar still supports XP11, but perhaps someone on the org. forum has a brain wave :).
I’m still happy with my Navigraph subscription.
Jan W.

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