Airac cycle no more support XP 11.41

I read that the latest Airac 2014 would be the last one which supports XP 11.41.
Which forces me to update XP to 11.50. I wanted to postpone this upgrade because 11.41 is very stable and 11.50 has still a lot of reported problems.
I just subscribed a one year Navigraph early december and did not expect a so quick end of support for Navigraph database. 11.50 is only 3 or 4 month old.
I am not asking a 10 years support, but 3 or 4 month after a new release of XP seems too short.
I am so surprised because on the other end, your product is wonderful and your support excellent.

It is still a minor version upgrade. It isn’t a v12. We haven’t seen any major showstoppers with 11.50 and the XP developers recommend you to stay up to date. Initially we removed the 11.4x support right away but restored it for 4 cycles after feedback. We will not be able to support this outdated minor version any longer. Perhaps you could just install 11.50 parallel to your older version to see how it works. 11.4x support is removed with cycle 2101.



Thanks for your quick reply. But very disappointing !

Firstly, I love your product and professionalism. However… You say that 11.41 to 11.5+ is a minor update. It is not. 11.41 runs just fine on my computer (not a cheap low end one) but 11.51 is almost unusable. Even with major reduction of graphic settings. Very disappointing that Navigraph is abandoning 11.41 so soon after the 11.5 intro.

Thanks I hope that other people will support our point of view.
Personaly I am extremely disapointed to pay early december 2020 a Navigraph one year subscription and to have no support end of january 2021 unless I accept to be forced to upgrade to a less stable 11.50 than a very nice and stable 11.41.
I have never seen a company stopping a paid service 3 or 4 months after an upgrade of version. I cannot believe and understand this.

no answer probably means the answer to my request is NO.
I do not understand the difficulty for you to maintain Airac cycles for both 11.41 and 11.50, is there a significant difference in the way you integrate datas in the 2 versions?
If I keep for some more months Airac 2014 in XP11.41 and in my addon FSTramp, I will have discrepancies with Navigraph charts which will be automatically upgraded to the next Airac cycle, creating errors and mismatches between Navigraph and XP11.41 flight plans? There is no way to use Navigraph charts keeping 2014 datas?
thanks for your answer.

To be honest, I don’t see any question or request other than the one I have already replied to. Please clarify if I’m wrong.

It is not that simple. We have already advertised this in our newsletters in the fall. Yes there is a significant overhead with maintaining these two minor versions, and we are not able to handle them well concurrently in our FMS Data Manager app or manual installers. Very different than e.g. v10 which we still fully support. Maintaining these v11 versions with full handing and auto-detection would require a significant development effort and we don’t see sufficient demand or reason to do so at the moment. It is of course a cost benefit calculation we need to be able to make.

Just out of curiosity, 1) I guess you are not able to use the new Vulcan/Metal option, have you set it to use OpenGL? 2) Have you opened support tickets or forum threads outlining your problems with upgrading to 11.50, claiming that it is “almost unusable”?

No we can’t supply charts from any other cycle than the current one.

If you don’t think the subscription is worth it any longer due to this situation, just email and we’ll refund.



hello Stephen
thanks for your answer
I still do not understand why maintaining the 2 versions 11.xx is difficult and would require significant development effort, since you have already maintained the 2 versions during some months? Again why would the integration between Navigraph and XP 11.41 or 11.5x be so different? Are the databases working completely diffenrently? This a mystery for me !
to answer your curiosity: I did not say that I have already upgraded to 11.50 (GTwist said that it is unusable , and I see a lot of such comments on the forums ) , I am still using 11.41, and this version of XP works very well for me, no trouble and satisfactory FPS, and Navigraph is also without any problem.
I am just affraid of making this change when I see all the problems people are reporting about 11.50.
I am not the one who jumps on new versions or even beta, because I like to fly, not to solve computer problems and crash. I do not have Vulkan, I will stay with OpenGL . 11.50 will bring nothing to me, except problems.
I will not ask for refund (thanks for your proposal) , because as I said I love your program and have full respect for this Navigraph support.
best regards.

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