Xbox navigraph

It would be amazing to have a Xbox in-game panel which would give chart 8 functionality and a much higher resolution moving maps than existing xbox flight deck charts. Hoping this would be possible considering the xbox closed system feedback previously received.

  1. Any plans for an in-game panel?

  2. Any plans for iPad xbox moving maps support?

PS. I am aware of the aircraft that have chart functionality integrated into the flight deck. My questions are coming from a different angle.

Thank you


i second this, i also would like to see the moving map function and the intergrated navigraph menu within the sim like the PC users have

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Those aircraft will be losing the chart functionality when the game is next updated. I really hope asbro will drop a blue soon and team up with navigraph and their far superior product for flight sim enthusiasts


no thats a cracking idea, Asobo and Navigraph team up especially with the xbox in mind, so maybe they should also team up with the xbox/microsoft guys