Wt787 efb @ airport display

I know we had the topic before.

Any chance of integration of charts into the EFB of the 787 ( this could be used across all variant of the 787 family)

Could it also be possible to have the airport display on the ND of the 787 provided by navigraph charts, much like the OANS that yove done for FBW A380.
As the standard that gets drawn if not very good.

Hello! Thanks for creating this topic!

We have investigated the possibilities, but currently, this is not possible without completely overriding the whole EFB which is not something that we are very keen on doing at the moment. Perhaps this will change in the future!

Please post this in a separate topic! In this category, we want to gauge user interest with the help of votes. Having multiple requests in the same topic will not make this possible, unfortunately!

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