WSSS Missing Center Runway

Hello, my FMS data appears to be missing the 02C/20C runways for WSSS. I have reinstalled the navdata, and I also adjusted the content.xml order (I have the Cloudsurf WSSS installed). Is this a known issue?

no I can’t reproduce it - the center runway were always available - in the stock and in the addon scenery. The new runway 02R/20L wasn’t available …

When you remove our data, do you see the center runway then?

Which aircraft do you use?


I am using the FBW A32NX. I will check on the center runway with default data and let you know. I assume it’s likely related to the Cloudsurf scenery.

Okay, I see the issue. The approaches for the center runway don’t have the letter C at the end in the FMS approach selection page, which confused me. For example, ILS02 and VOR20 are the approaches for 02C and 20C respectively. Once selected, however, the main F-PLN page shows WSSS02C or WSSS20C correctly. I’m not sure if this is erroneous behavior or not.

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