WSI WX charts


So, I was diving into this whole WSI Weather chart thing, and honestly, it looks like a pretty solid move for beefing up our flight plans. The way WSI lays out the weather info, with all those SIGMETs boxed up with lat and long, same for turbulence and icing, not to mention the color codes and lines for different weather severities, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Having all that weather drama laid out in colors and lines could really take the guesswork out of reading the skies​​ showing just the info you need, when you need it.

So, hooking up with WSI for OFP charts? Sounds like It will be giving ourselves a major leg up, making flights even smoother and easier to read and or custom upgrading the OFP charts to this would be even better!

Speaking from an Operator’s perspective, WSI weather, and incorporating it into your systems and processes, is by no means free.

hence why i said a look alike version of it that can be custom made. They dont actually need to go a grab the WSI software and or API lol