Wrong runway numbers at egcc

On active sky the rwys for egcc are showing 24l 24 r 06l 06 r which is wrong they are 23l 23r 05l 05r

due the lack of information, which sim you´re using … AS reads normally the scenery-files from the sim and FSX, P3D has an old airport-layout with the outdated runways. Possible I miss something in your report, but that´s what I guess you mean.


i am using p3d v4.5 and the scenry is from uk2000 which has the correct rwys everything is updated in my sim

… and that´s what we have in the AS dataset:

MANCHESTER              EGCC05L10000052 53.347556  -2.287764109.5005200257
MANCHESTER              EGCC05R10007052 53.331972  -2.310661111.5505200257
MANCHESTER              EGCC23L10007232 53.348153  -2.277208000.0000000257
MANCHESTER              EGCC23R10000232 53.361319  -2.259281109.5023200257

You see, the runways are correct so far sorry. Possible that your AS isn´t updated?


i updated active sky its the latest update and i have the latest navgraph as well

So how do i fix this

I don’t know, when all is uptodate and you confirm that, then you have (as I have posted) the latest and correct runways for EGCC.

Possible any other issue in AS? As you see, the data are correct.


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