WPDL Dili East Timor


I have been using Navigraph Charts for a few months now and I am absolutely delighted with it. However I came to a doubt last night: East Timor capital Dili has approach charts on the app (Android and Windows at least), but it’s lacking on the Aerosoft Airbus MCDU (didn’t test other addons). Shouldn’t the data be the same on all Navigraph software? If I set my destination to WPDL, upon chosing landing runway no approach appears to choose, however in the charts app there is a VOR approach available, as well as a NDB one. Why is there such a difference?



In order for us to test please provide information in Posting Guide - FMS Data Services, particularly FS and aircraft details (Pro etc).

e.g. P3D v4 Aerosoft A320 Pro AIRAC 2013 shows:


And additional to @Ian answer:
All approaches at WDLP are unspecified runway approaches (CTLs). So, this answer is also valid in this case: