Window position on other monitors


I have reported this a long time ago (in the old forum), but seems no solution until now.
I have three screens and want to run NC on the right screen (FS is in the middle one)

So, I pull the window onto it, scale it, everything ok.
But after I close NC and start it next time it is reset to the main screen with default position and size. So I have to drop it again, and again and again every time.

My temporary solution is to edit the window-state.json (AppData\Roaming\navigraph_charts)


But as all other applications out there could handle my three monitor setup and will keep its position, I wonder what the difficulty is with Navigraph Charts?

So hope you can fix this one day.
many thanks!

Hello Günter! Welcome to the new forum!

Thank you for the feedback. I will put it in the list of things to consider for coming updates. It should be achievable.

Kind Regards,

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