Wind component for runways seems incorrect if wind unit in METAR is meter


I found out the wind component data for the runway is incorrect if METAR’s wind unit is meter.
For example, the METAR for ZPPP is:
ZPPP 030300Z 25013G18MPS 9999 FEW026 22/06 Q1021 NOSIG
The wind component for runway 03 shown in the Navigraph Charts is: left 09kts, tail 10kts
These numbers are off since you have to convert the meter to kt first.
The correct crosswind component should be: Sin(39 - 250) * 13 * 2 = 13 kts
The correct tailwind/headwind component should be: Cos(39-250) * 13 * 2 = -22 kts
So, the correct wind component for runway 03 (runway heading 039) should be: right crosswind 13 kts, tailwind 22 kts.

We are looking into this thanks.