Why does the A32NX FlybyWire mod still show the 2013 AIRAC Cycle?

As stated in the subject, why does the A32NX FlybyWire mod still show the 2013 AIRAC Cycle? and not the latest 2101 even though I have updated it using the Navigraph software.

The reason is, that ASOBO/MS still doesn’t support our AIRACCylcle.bgl file. ASOBO told us, that we should extract this information in this file but they still don’t read it. Possible in one of the next patches. Sorry, we still offer these file with the correct dates … but the sim must read it.


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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your reply.
So the package installed has no effect on the A320 nx of FlybyWire ? Because in another topic you recommended to use it … Could you explain what you mean there please ?

Picture showing the FMS of the A320 nx FlybyWire

Yes, I still recommanded FBW A320 and the WT CJ4 …

This page is only a information but said nothing about the functionality inside of the FMC. According the instructions from ASOBO/MS, we are still offering the single AiracCycle.bgl file, which includes all of these information. The problem is that the sim, doesn´t still read this file and thats has nothing todo with FBW, WT or the default aircrafts from the sim. It doesn´t read this file but again, this has nothing todo with the functionality …


To be abundantly clear - it is only the date information on that page we cannot update. The data itself is updated via our beta and your sim is running cycle 2101.



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Okay :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your help both !

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