Why does SimLink disconnect on almost every flight?

P3D V5.

At some point, on nearly every flight - without fail - SimLink simply times out and disconnects. This has been happening for 18+ months, probably longer. Will Navigraph address this at some point?


When next this occurs please upload latest dlog and log from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs.


There’s nothing in the log:

[2022-02-06 11:58:17] Navigraph Simlink Addon (v. for P3D (x64) has loaded.

That’s it. I disconnect at least twice almost every flight. iPad, browser, doesn’t matter.

Please upgrade to latest Simlink V Please advise if this resolves the issue. If not please upload latest dlog when this occurs.


I have ~230 .dlog files. I’m attaching some of the most recent ones.

Thank you

dlogs.zip (29.4 KB)