Why does MSFS show plugs next to all airport icons now?

I have just installed the MSFS Navigraph database and wanted to know why does MSFS show plugs next to all airport icons now?

sorry, we don´t know … that’s not from us, that´s a flag from the sim, which we can´t manipulate. This was added in one of the last patches. Sorry.

There is no need to apologize. I just wanted know it that is normal. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your understanding … I guess, as soon as you replace/add some information on an airport, the airport gets this flag and we replace nearly on every airport something and therefore the plugs.

I don’t know why ASOBO does this because I don’t see any benefit for this plug but it is as it is.

Thanks and let us know, when you have any other questions or when you identify and issues - thanks for your help.

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I set it off :slight_smile: i dont use all those indicators and nav aid , i use charts etc…

I believe this is to indicate user updated or add-in airports. It must base the icon on whether the data loaded is different to the base data or not, and obviously the navigraph data is different for the vast majority of airports.

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I’m new at using the Beta and I noticed the flags next to the airports. I find this handy as I can now see which smaller airports now have Procedures that didn’t have any in the default.

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