Why different information layout ..when FP is created directly in Simbrief and Simtoolkit pro

Recently I started using simtoolkit pro .
When a flight plan is created in simbrief on page 1 [ OFP] you get information on crz temp,tropo, and trip wind.

When the same flight plan is created in simtoolkit pro this information is missing. The format is completely different.
I do realise the format within simtoolkit is more like real life whereas directly in simbrief is simplified.

Can you please advise where is the information on cruz tem, tropo and trip wind on the real to life type ,as this is required in the A320.

Many thanks.


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Hi …,


You might like to use SimBrief.com - User Guide and hover over the WIND INFORMATION section.


Many thanks for the suggestion…I have found the solution.
In simbrief I was using easyJet layout.
I did not know there was a option to choose lay outs in sim tool kit.


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