When will EDDT Tegel be added?

I’ve seen posts about 2 months back that EDDT will be added in the future. I haven’t heard any news about it so I wanted to ask for updates?


added and selectable in the different datasets (where this is possible) since AIRAC 2205 …


How can I activate it? I have installed 2206. When I search for EDDT in Navigraph it says “no results found”.

I have no idea where you search it? In which sim or in which addon …

Be aware, we are speaking from the datasets and not from the charts … we offer only the navdata for the outdated airport EDDT but no charts. Also, you can´t create a route with it because it´s an none existing airport (like VHHX) and there are no routes. So you must enter historical routes directly into your FMC/S, or Garmin.


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