SID issues SKCC

Hi guys, I told you that I was making a flight between skcc and skbo with the SID,
Torat1J runway 16, when I saw it in ND it appears the opposite as it is in the Chart, I attach the images, thanks for the help

Jose Zubillaga

P3d 5 hf 1
fslabs a320X

Hi Jose,
I have checked the data now and the FSLabs database - both have a RIGHT turn included, which is correct corresponding to our charts. Also in the FSLabs database the “turn direction valid” field is set, which means the turn is required prior to beginning the leg. So, it´s a kind of an “obligated” turn to the right.

I assume, this is a FSLab issue because I can´t see any issue in the data. I have also tested this procedure in the PMDG, which of course uses a own/other data-format but the same source data and here you see the correct turn

I would report this to FSLabs because I´m pretty sure, that this is a FSLab issue. Sorry.

thnaks, yes fslabs a320

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