Weather not showing in OFP

Hello, so I just created a flight from KPAE to KXTA. As you can see from the pics below, when I turn on SIGWX on the map, it shows an area with cumulonimbus clouds that my route goes through, however when I view the OFP to print it, it doesn’t show any weather on the page that shows your route along with the SIGWX. Is this an issue with me or the dispatcher.



Hi, the SIGWX map on your OFP is valid for 1800 UTC on July 19th. On the interactive map, it appears you have the date set to 0000 UTC on July 20th:

SIGWX maps are issued every 6 hours. Because you are departing at 1925 UTC, it is including the 1800 UTC SIGWX map in the OFP since that is closest to your departure time. But the interactive map may default to a different time.

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That make sense, thanks, although I don’t know why the time would be different as it normally works, and I never change the time in SB.

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