Waypoint, ils, vor disappeared


after fms update all waypoint, ILS and VOR disappeared in the map of xplane. In the FMC everything works but the ILS signals have disappeared along with the VOR, even in the map there is nothing.

you wrote in the FMC everything works … you have tested this with one of the default aircrafts (737 or GNS, …) correct? And not with any 3rd party addon?

Hi Richard,

yes I also tried with the default planes without success.To solve I had to delete all the files in the custom data folder… . I reinstalled gns 430 and the others airac. And then all worked correctly

Thanks anyway for the support!! :grin: :grin:

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Thanks for your feedback and the kind words of my “limited” support in this case. But my assumption was, that you have either loaded the wrong data or the data are in the wrong location. Therefore the question, if you have tried it with any default aircraft because when this also not working, then it´s a location or data issue.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your solution - I will mark your posting as “solution”, means solved :wink:
Don´t hesitate contact us again, if you have any further questions, remarks or ideas for improvements :wink:

Have a nice evening,

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