WATRS 100nm / 162nm Waypoints

Hi… a little background for those that may not know… depending on Latitude, flight over water more than 30 minutes flying time or 100 nautical miles (162nm in some latitudes) from the nearest shore require life rafts. I have a few charts with WATRS and Caribbean coordinates for these offshore lat/long points. I will include them here if anyone wants them. With these fixes you can enter the fix (100AB, 162AB, 162AC, etc.) into the LEGS or FIX page as a reference to your distance offshore. Currently to use these fixes I have to manually add them each cycle to the wpNavFIX file in my Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config\NavData path. I am wondering if it might be possible to add these permanently to the airac database? Thanks.

WATRS 100 162 NM Points.txt (4.5 KB)

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when you can convert it into valid ARINC424 records, we can add it generally. As simple text file, its not possible due the different addon formats, sorry.


Hi. Thanks for the reply. Can you give me a sample format? I simply converted the lat/long into decimal to add to the wpNavFIX file in the above path confirmed to work in the MSFS PMDG 737. If I can get that format I would be happy to do so.

Basically the .txt file for the wpNavFIX format is as follows… but I’m sure you already knew that… :wink:

100AB 100AB 41.383333 -67.733333

here a demo-record in the ARINC424 format for an visual waypoint:

SLAMEAENRT VP001 MB0 V N20520712W156263328 WGE MILL 357312208

When you can offer your waypoint in this format, we can add it in our automatic process. The details of the structure do you find in the ARINC424 specification.

Hope that helps,

Hard to read what you have there, except of course the LAT/LONG coordinates. Can you perhaps give me a waypoint or fix that I might be able to use to compare to, one that I would be more familiar with. For instance… the fix named VEECK. It is a fix/waypoint on the VEECK5 arrival into Chicago O’Hare (KORD). If you could give me the format of VEECK for instance in that AIRINC424 format. Even with that… I’m not sure what I can do as all I have is the LAT/LONG of the fixes I was looking to add. VEECK for instance, in the wpNavFIX text file that is in the directory structure for my PMDG 737 is as follows… Perhaps this will not be possible after all, as all I have to give is the LAT/LONG.

VEECK VEECK 41.125278 -86.619167

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