VRMM ILS Diplaced

When I land at either runway at VRMM, Male Airport, the ILS appears displaced or offset from the runway Center Line by several hundred feet. Show me on the ILS all the way down, but have to swerve to land.
I am not sure if this is a Navigraph issue or MSFS 2020 issue.


Hi Greg,
this is an MSFS issue. The MSFS stock scenery is outdated because the runway is not on the correct place. The past runway is now the Taxiway C and the new runway is right of this taxiway (36) or left of this taxiway (18). Therefore the ILS localizer antenna is also moved to the new position to be aligned with the new runway.

Here from the MSFS stock scenery:

comparing the reality drawn with our complete data:

The ARP point is on the first screenshot directly on the runway. On the second one, you see it´s left of the runway due the runway-movement.

Sorry, please report this to MS/ASOBO that they can fix this scenery or you simple use a 3rd party scenery, where this issue is fixed, like: VRMM AIRPORT / NEW RUNWAY AND UPDATED TAXIWAYS , APRONS & GATES für Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Hope that helps,

Thanks for this detailed information.
I installed VRMM from flightsim.to and now all is well.


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