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Good afternoon, a few days ago I discovered the following regarding the morse codes of identification of radio aids in MSFS. In many places when I tune in to VOR or ILS frequencies I cannot hear the morse code that audibly identifies them. Using Navigraph navdat center I have uninstalled the AIRAC cycle corresponding to that moment and after restarting the simulator I have been able to verify that with the simulator’s own database if I can hear those identifiers with morse code.

I would appreciate any information in this regard, thanks in advance and greetings to the entire community.

you wrote in “many” places" … does this mean not everywhere? When yes, than please an example, where you don´t hear the code with our data but with the stock data and in which aircraft you are using for this tests.

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Good afternoon again, I will now indicate some examples of this problem that I have detected:
With the aircraft, by default, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, tuning to the VOR LRA (115.1) in Spain, close to La Coruña airport (LECO). It can be verified that once the Navigraph database is uninstalled, we will be able to hear the morse identifier of said radio aid.
The same happens with the VOR STG (116.4) also in Spain and close to the Santiago de Compostela airport (STG). At this same airport we can verify that the ILS Morse code signal on runway 17 (IGO) is not audible either.
We found the same problem at the nearby Asturias airport (LEAS), the VOR AVS (112.4) cannot be identified with its morse code either.
Greetings, thank you very much for your quick interest in this matter and waiting for news on it.

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In the previous answer I made a small mistake, the identifier of the VOR of Asturias is VES and not AVS, this corresponds to the ILS of runway 29 with frequency 110.1. By the way, this last radio aid does not have DME information, I do not know what the cause is.
Greetings and thanks snow for the interest.

Enrique Iglesias

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Hi Enrique,
thank you very much for these details and I can confirm your findings. Please can you “remove” and “re-install” the AIRAC cycle now and can you try it again. It´s the same revision 1 - I haven´t changed it, so please do be surprised but it was not a structure change more an internal adaption.

I have tested all your examples with our data installed and can hear the code now - also I have the DME signal from the VES VOR as expected.

So, please remove the AIRAC via the Navigraph Navdata Center and install it immediately. After that, try it again - it should work now …

Any feedback are welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your quick response, I have followed the steps indicated and the problem is solved.
A pleasure to have such a fast and effective service!

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Thank you Enrique for this very kind words … it´s a pleasure to have such customers, appreciate …

Que tengas un buen día

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