Virtual Airline Routes Update Feature

Hi to all,
This feature may not used a lots from the community but will definitely help a lots of VAs staff to perform their job and provide up ot date routes to our end users.

The feature I like to ask is where the VA staff can upload a CSV file with comma separation which contain following information and the system will generate the routes and field a specific cell.
The information required are very simple one, departure and arrival airport ICAO code only.
So cell A1 will have the departure and cell B1 have the arrival one. The cell C1 will be empty for the system to field with the route between two airports, maybe without a SID and STAR as we don’t know what will be for that particular day/time.


Hi, a routes-only API is not currently in the short term plans. It may come in the future though.

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I’m sorry, what this mean? :sweat_smile:

Ah, it sounded like you wanted a service where you could send one (or several) departure and arrival airports, and SimBrief would find the routes for you? I was just saying that such a feature isn’t planned for the moment. :slight_smile:

If you meant something else, can you clarify? Sorry if I misunderstood.

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This is exactly what I mean but I not very expert with IT stuff.
I was a bit confused with the terminology of ** routes-only API ** but thanks to clarifying this.

Thanks and looking foward to see this feature will be implement sooner.

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