Viewing Navigraph Charts inside MSFS 2020 VR successfully

Hello All,

I am using the HP Reverb Pro Edition; I have been able to successfully view charts inside the VR space of MSFS 2020 by doing the following:

  1. When in the Cliff House, open up the desktop view.
  2. Click on the button directly left of the close window button, which is the “follow me” option, the screen will then “follow” you, not only around when you go other places in the cliff house, but also into the VR space after you click ctrl+tab to go into VR in MSFS 2020.
  3. Because you now have the desktop screen as a window “inside” the VR space of MSFS 2020, you can open the Navigraph Charts window. The only caveat is that in order to get your mouse back into the flight simulator VR mode, you need to alt+tab back to your MSFS 2020 screen, which will show the two views your eyeballs are seeing in pure VR; click on the screen, and voila, your mouse is back into the VR MSFS 2020 space.

It’s a crude workaround, but believe me, it’s made me soooooooooo happy!

a flight simmer looking for solutions :slight_smile: