VFR - How to determine traffic pattern?

Example, US airport “23N” (Bayport). On skyvector, it says “Traffic Pattern: Right” and on the chart itself is displayed “RP 18” to indicate Right Pattern for rwy 18.

But in Navigraph, I can’t find any such information. There’s no chart for this airport, but also no indication on the chart about the traffic pattern.

23N is very small, so I also checked out “KPSF” (Pittsfield) which skyvector has with “RP 26, 32” (rwy 08 and 14 are left pattern), but also here I couldn’t find any pattern direction on Navigraph VFR map or the Jeppesen charts.

Am I looking the wrong place, or is this information not availalbe (yet?)?

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I have been wondering this myself. The traffic patterns are not showing at all. I even filtered everything but the patterns icon and the VFR map becomes blank.


We’re investigating this. We don’t seem to have this data in our current sources but there seems to be ways to fetch this from the FAA. But when we do, I still think it will appear as textual information on the airport, similar to how the FAA sectionals present it (“RP 26, 32”), and not visually drawn. Or do any of you have other chart examples where these patterns are visually drawn?



I’m not aware of any other way they are drawn, maybe someone else will chime in :slight_smile:

Usually in the US, as far as I’ve been told, traffic patterns are left hand by default. Only if they are right patterns, it is drawn on the chart as “RP 26, 32” etc. And that would be fine as well, if I knew that information existed on the Navigraph VFR charts.

@stephen what is this setting for in the filters section? See photo…

The Jeppesen data contain visual representations of traffic patterns, but mainly in Europe. For example here, west of EGLL:


@stephen Ok so it only works in Europe. Thanks!

Came looking for this as well.

While not used on charts, the segmented circle is a visual representation of traffic pattern direction: How to Interpret Segmented Circles - Gleim Aviation

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I’m also looking for this information. Also, it would be great to get the preferred calm wind runways from the FAA text. I don’t seem to be able to find that either.

Could you explain how you brought up that map filters panel? All I see is a single row of icons with no labels or tooltips. Is this documented anywhere?


This panel has been redesigned since my post in November last year, mainly to accommodate for smaller screens. But the functionality is still there. Just press the bottom orange icon (A in my screenshot). Then press the VFR navigation button (B). Then you can toggle the individual layers on and off.



Do you have any plans to add tooltips? For me, the icons are pretty impenetrable. Is there any documentation anywhere detailing the UI and all the features?

In the US, non-standard traffic patterns (right traffic) and non-standard TPAs are published in the VFR supplemental. The official FAA VFR sectionals show this below the airport information for most airports (generally not for private airports, even those that allow transient ops. You would have to contact said airport or check their website. Some busy private airports, such as 88NV, can have complex pilot procedures that are posted on their website).

On Skyvector, the relevant VFR supplemental page is generally a PDF in the upper left corner of the airport’s information page. However Navigraph Charts doesn’t provide US supplementals. It’s available free from the FAA or Skyvector.

Edit: A very useful resource: FAA’s guide to reading a VFR Supplement chart: https://aeronav.faa.gov/Upload_313-d/supplements/CS_SW_20230810.pdf

In the table on the left, go to Section 1: Airport/Facility Directory Legend.
#13 is the TPA.

Some images spliced together to help you find this information. In addition, the airport remarks may have additional traffic pattern info. You can click the image below and select “Original Image” at the bottom and zoom in for full size.

Hope that helps :smiley:

Having this information within the Navigraph app itself would be very nice and helpful.

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