VFR Charts colors

I tried to search the forum as well as the internet, but I’m confused about the colors of the airspaces in the Navigraph App.

Here is a example of the Navigraph app. It shows class D airspace as more greenish dashed line and class C airspace as a “wine”-red dashed line.

In the Jeppesen “Introduction to Jeppesen navigation chart” (https://ww2.jeppesen.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Introduction-to-Jeppesen-Navigation-Charts.pdf), both of these airspaces are colored in a light blue color.

What did I misunderstand?
Or where can I find a proper legend for the Navigraph VFR charts?


We don’t have a legend right now but will consider making one. Our VFR and IFR enroute charts are not strictly following any other style. But we hope that the charts are somewhat self-explanatory; all airspaces have a descriptive label on the border explaning the type and the relevant altitude data,and the same goes for most items in the map which often have labels or can be clicked. Our style is the same for every part of the world so as soon as you’ve figured it out it will be the same everywhere.

If there are more detailed questions I’d be happy to respond.