Very high usage of GPU

Good day dear support, im having an issue with charts and GPU usage. Please check up my screenshots and tell me what is going on with my charts. My specs : RTX3060ti , ryzen 5 7600x , 32GB RAM. Hope for your fast response ! Thank you!

I would like to add that I had a blue screen error when I flew with tracking ON

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Some GPU usage is expected - especially when moving maps is enabled. You can read an explanation as to why this is in this topic:

This is the first time we have had a report of this being a problem at all though :thinking: Does it affect you in any way?

This sounds like a bad driver, or even a hardware issue (an early sign of a dying GPU). Overclocking could also be an issue if you have done anything like that! The BSOD might have happened while you were running our app, but only because the app happens to use the GPU when rendering the map.
The issue could also be caused by other hardware issues of course, such as faulty RAM for example.

I’d try to do a complete clean install of your GPU drivers! There are many tutorials on how to do this and they will do a much better job of describing the process than I will, but it’s not too involved.
Make sure that you install the latest available version!

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No, it wasn’t helped me.
Everything was OK for first 30mins of usage, but then I had the same problem again

I’m sorry to hear that! Then this is a sign of a dying GPU (or some other hardware) I’m afraid.

Our app does nothing that can cause this on a healthy system - it runs fine even on low-end laptops and tablets. What error message do you get during the bluescreen?

I had bluescreen only one time. In the other times i have only a very high GPU usage. I’m flying right now and i have the same issue.

In past 2 weeks i havent used tracking because of it during the whole flight ( but im using it only for taxi).

Yesterday, i had my sim crashed after 4h flight (sim crashed during a taxi with tracking on) here is crash logs:


I guess it happened because of GSX, but maybe it will help you, to help me.
I would also like to add that I use two monitors, on the first I fly in the simulator, on the second I use navigraph charts and browser.

I don’t think so, because everything is ok with other apps, I’m flying almost every day, and i’m playing other games with no problem at all

I don’t have any other explanation for the crash. However, now you have also shown that one crash was not caused by our app, but rather by the simulator itself! I have not yet seen any evidence that any crash is caused by our app directly. The fact that the Charts app uses some GPU resources should not cause a crash - in the worst case, it would slow down other apps that use the GPU (such as MSFS).

Do you frequently get crashes? And are they always caused by GSX?

I asked if you had records of any error messages after a bluescreen - have you gotten any new bluescreens as of late?

I already mentioned that some GPU usage is expected when running the Charts application. We have no other reported cases of any bluescreens and again - this is not something that our app is technically unable to cause even if it wanted to. The 39% shown in your screenshot should be an extreme scenario though, most of the time it should be much lower than that! I have an RTX 3090 and if I pan around in a dense area, I can get the usage up to 25% for short periods but it always dies down quickly as the map renders.

Do you see higher usage than that? When Simlink is running, the map and everything on it is re-rendered many times every second. There is no way around this, as described in the thread that was linked to earlier. You could technically run Charts in a browser environment and disable hardware acceleration, but your performance would be horrible and we do not recommend doing this.

At the moment, the blue screen was turned on only once. And I understand that this may not be related to your application, I just assumed that this might be the reason.

Now my question is why is my GPU so heavily loaded… I’m not using any special filters like weather or satellite maps that could load my hardware, only maps, and my route

That’s what im using right now:

And what is your CPU usage on average?

To be clear, there is nothing we can do to reduce GPU usage. The map engine, as mentioned earlier, is similar to a simple game engine and it requires resources to be able to render our maps.

I turned tracking on now, and i have 1.5% of CPU usage. Max is 2.2%

Just in case, I want to remind you my specs: RTX3060ti , ryzen 5 7600x , 32GB RAM

That sounds like awesome numbers! Do you believe this to be an issue still?

Can we assume that the computer is calculating power consumption incorrectly?

We could assume that I caught some kind of miner, but he can’t disguise himself as your application, especially exclusively in the tracking mode

Ok, please take a look again. I’ve translated it to you :laughing:

I’m sorry, I accidentally typed CPU when I meant average GPU usage. Yours is almost 50% in that screenshot - does it stay that way? And most importantly, what does it drop to when you are not using moving maps?

It’s dropping to 0-1% when I’m NOT using moving maps

I see. Does the CPU usage look the same if you use ?

Yes, it looks the same. Browser’s GPU usage increasing whan i activate moving maps

Then I’m afraid what you’re seeing is the expected scenario. Your GPU usage looks very high, but I don’t have a 3060ti to compare it to, unfortunately.

I am not sure how Windows measures that metric, but do you see a performance impact on the simulator when running Charts? That would be the first time I heard about such a case, and the app has been out for over a year!

No, I don’t see any performance impact. Testing it right now