User Generated Routes & Preferred Routes


The introduction of preferred routes by staff/users has been immensely helpful, leading to a significant reduction in pilots filing invalid routes. However, I believe there is room for further improvement.

My suggestion is that when a preferred route for a specific city pair is submitted, SimBrief should automatically delete any user-generated routes for that pair. Users should still have the option to create a custom one-off route if they wish, but it shouldn’t be automatically saved. For example, when planning a route from OMDB to HAAB, pilots often file routes similar to this:


While this route might be the shortest in terms of distance and time, it violates regional and ATFM restrictions.

If an approved user/staff member submits a preferred route that complies with all regional and ATFM restrictions, SimBrief should automatically remove any previously saved routes and prevent the saving of future user-generated routes for that specific city pair. Pilots often choose routes based on distance and convenience; allowing them to select their own route in this scenario undermines the purpose of having preferred routes. However, they should still have the option to use a one-off route they generated.

Currently, we follow a similar process after adding over 400 routes in the Middle East and North Africa. When a preferred route is added, we report all other user-generated routes. However, this walk around dose not last long, as users can still opt for a custom route, which is automatically saved. In our region, most city pairs offer only one route option, with some having two or three at most

I hope this clarifies my suggestion.