Update to Airac 2112

Hi used the navigraph update manager to update the latest cycle for p3d and it says 2112 is available at top but reinstalled 2111 v1

Same with MS2020 downloaded

I thing there is a problem

just wait a little bit…
you’ll get an update today!!!

Thanks @derstein98 - he is right … The files are not located only on one server - we use several servers/services worldwide, therefore it needs a little bit of time for the distribution, but as you see, they are on the way …

There is no problem … by the way, MSFS AIRAC 2112 is still in place and can be updated via the NNC.


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Thanks all working , I was just up to early as I had to go out all day



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Thanks Derek for the feedback :wink: … Normally the file-distribution is a faster than today, but anyway “we are live” :slight_smile:

Happy flying

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