Update of data base for PA30 Eaglesoft FSX


I’ve been trying to update the nav database of my PA 30 Twin Commanche aircraft add-on provided by Eaglesoft (FSX version). To do so I have added Eaglesoft addons in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager and proceed to the downlaed of related data base. Everything worked fine until I realized that the update in FSX didn’t work/appear (ie no new STAR/SID/Approach have been inserted in FSX for PA30 aircraft).
Restarting FSX does not solve the issue.

Do you have a solution ?
Thank you

is the PA30 from Eaglesoft really updateable? I guess, the avionics in the PA30 uses the FSX database … Can you really confirm, that this addon is updateable with our data? When yes, with which dataset?


I would expect Navigraph to let me know whether Eaglesoft PA 30 under FSX is updateable, since nothing is mentionned on the topic in the aircraft add-on from Eaglesoft (in the doc or website), except “SimFlyer Garmin GNS480, MX20” in the cockpit feature list provided on their website.

No, we don´t update the FSX base data and I assume the PA30 uses the FSX base data, sorry.


Well noticed, thank you for your help.

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