Unnecessary initial FL on EGKK routes via LAM

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We keep getting lots of pilots cruising at FL220 from EGKK to airports such as EGPH and EGPF. See SimBrief FPL ID 65765202 as an example.

Seems to be something to do with the L10 from BPK to LAM that SimBrief is restricting to FL220 before a step climb at BPK. I’ve checked the AIP, and the L10 is established from FL75 to FL460 so I’m not sure why this would be a restriction? There are a lot of ATS routes now in the UK that don’t have an ‘U’ prefix but are still established at high levels.

None of the real world FPs via the LAM SID file this initial FL either. Could the logic be amended to prevent this artificial cap please?

(Reason I ask is that FL220 is actually very inconvenient and low on VATSIM and sometimes it takes controllers a while to explain this to pilots…)

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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This is a long standing issue linked to the AIRAC data where available levels are split depending upon direction, so whilst LAM-BPX should be available FL100-FL430 the reverse restriction is applied capping at FL230.

The situation applies to all instances where these splits occur.

Personally if the correct levels cannot be implemented then the use of the higher level would be preferable.


I’ve manually corrected the altitude restriction on L10, it should no longer limit you to FL220 in that direction.

Agreed, but unfortunately we don’t have any control over how our data provider codes this in the source data. For now I’ll have to manually correct these on SimBrief’s end.

Do you have a list of other airways this commonly affects by any chance?


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Thanks very much for sorting that!

Speaking of the L10, I wondered whether you might be able to stop this ‘Yo-Yo’ behaviour where southbound traffic at cruise levels in the 300s files a step descent to FL230 and then a climb back up again?

e.g. EGPH-EBBR filed: TLA UN864 DCS UL612 HON L10 BPK/N0426F230 L10 DVR/N0449F350 UL9 KONAN UL607 KOK

Descending and climbing 12 levels in such a short space of time just to get down to a valid level on the ATS route isn’t valid. A correct route would be something like: GOSAM P600 FENIK L612 ELBUS UL612 HON L15 BIG Q70 VABIK/N0338F230 Q70 KOK