Unexpected ZFW

In one of the recent flight plans I created, I am getting an unexpected value for Estimated ZFW. This surprises me because I have done many flights and the ZFW is always per my expectations given the settings in the airframe. Per the attached snapshots from Dispatch, the ZFW should be 135080 lbs (see below) but for some reason it is being capped at 133713 lbs even though ZFW and TOW are well below their limits. Please let me know what’s causing this unexpected ZFW.
Simbrief ZFW.docx (133.4 KB)

PAX = 27930 lbs
BAGGAGE = 7350 lbs
CARGO = 6600 lbs
EMPTY WEIGHT (aka DOW or BOW) = 93200
EXPECTED ZFW = 135080 lbs

Look at your landing weight, that’s the limiting factor (143,900 actual for 143,900 maximum).

Dispatch remarks should include “PAYLOAD/CARGO LIMITED BY MLW”, maybe you just missed it?



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You’re right, I missed the remark. Until this point I had thought that dispatch enforced limits on weights that impacted takeoff and the trip but not landing because of the variability of fuel consumption during the flight but I guess I was wrong.

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