Unable to Update Navigraph Charts in MSFS - Error 403 - HELP

Hello Team!

Been trying to update my MSFS Navigraph Charts today but the downloader keeps throwing a Request Failed with Status Code 403 error. Any ideas what may be happening? Currently running version 1.0.6.



Are you referring to downloading V 1.3 of the Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel using Navigraph Navdata Center v 1.0.6.

At what point does the error occur? Please post a screenshot showing the error using Guide to posting Screenshots


Hello Ian!

Thanks for your reply. Image attached. The issue happens as soon as I hit the “Update” button.

Hi DMullert!

This seems to be a problem with the NNC that has also affected some other users recently. May I ask what version of Windows you are running?

Until we have correctly diagnosed the underlying problem you can probably get it to work again by closing the NNC by right-click the tray icon and choose “Quit” to exit the NNC and then start it again from the Start-Menu.

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Hello Markus.

Running Windows 10 Pro on this end. Quitting and re-launching fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!

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