Unable to uninstall navigraph beta 10.0 nor reinstall it

so I tried to follow the steps to uninstall and reinstall the FMS Beta for the CRJ however now it won’t let me delete or unstall it this appears in the add or remove program it says it cannot find the file i installed it at

Thats because you have delete the folder manually and not via the standard windows procedure as explained in the FAQ. Now the uninstaller doesn’t found the folder and therefore the message.

You must clean it via the registry now, but please be aware todo the right things to avoid any malfunctions in the future.


Hi Richard, I cleaned out the registry and it is still giving me the same error :frowning:

Then please follow this procedure, FAQ - Charts desktop installer fails immediately, replacing Charts Desktop with Navigraph Beta 1.10. Pay attention to steps 2 and 3 in the guide.



Hi, Richard thank you so much it works now however I am still having the same issue with the CRJ I followed all the steps in the CRJ furom you posted earlier but I still get this error

Stephan* sorry thanks but now the above issue :frowning: