Unable to login to FMS Data Manager


I am having a trouble logging in into FMS Data Manager,. I already tried these steps:

  1. Fresh install (Uninstall via Control Panel, delete remaining files, install newest ver. from the website)
  2. Changing my account password
  3. Connect to other WiFi
  4. Basic reinstall without deleting remaining folder
  5. Restarting my PC

Any comments or help would be useful, thanks.

and which troubles do you have now? Can’t you sign in? Do you get a error message? Or can you sign in but the screen will not opened?



I´m having the same problem. When I press SIGN IN button, nothing happens. No error mesage, no popup window, nothing.

I entered my username/email and password, clicked login but nothing happened, no error message or else, waited for about 15 minutes but still nothing.

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