Unable to load any charts

I am unable to pull any charts for any airport on the desktop and web based browser. I get a message saying charts cannot be loaded. I have restarted my machine twice and tried reinstalling Navigraph. No luck. Is there a fix?

It’s apparently a server side issue, was just about to taxi out of KCLT for an IFR flight to KDEN and ran into same issue.

Charts are back now. Looks like just intermittent/transient server issue.

FWIW I’m still currently unable to have in-plane charts for the Working Title G3000 mod. It sits on “Fetching pre-authorization data. Please wait…” and times out, asks to hit the screen again. Same experience. Integration worked well earlier.

It was up long enough for me to get one chart and crash again.

And now was just able to link G3000. Interesting!