Unable to install 2101 via FMS data manager

When I press “update” or even the download button for a given addon, the addon is never updated. I can download manually and install the update, but the automation does not work.

I have reinstalled the software, and I have made sure it is run as admin.


Have the same issue looks like the files have not been uploaded to the server

I second this, unable to download via FMS data manager

Same issue this morning.

Same here. Can’t update.

Same problem on my side. “Good” to see it’s not just me :sweat_smile:

I could however active it on SimBrief and in the application I have for MSFS 2020.

Ture. Activation in SimBrief was not a Problem

Worth saying: also trying other servers (Amercas ect.) did not yield a better result. It looks like a system wide problem.

Not sure, but it looks like the FMS Data Manager is not communicating properly with the server? Hopefully this issue will be fixed before Friday evening. I usually use this to update everything all at once while I sleep, guess not this time.

The AIRAC update is not usually available from NG until @0900/1000Z

I tried downloading it manually into Pro ATC X and it worked, so try giving the manual installation a try if you can’t wait for the installer to update.

Update: I’ve manually installed all the my addons and the installer reflects the latest 2101 cycle FYI.

Thanks Richard.

Please standby gents, we will fix it ASAP … Will inform you here, when all is back again!

Thank you,


How long will it take to fix it?

why i dont have now the option to download the new airac,It say the current AIRAC is 2014 thats incorrect

We had an issue with data synchronization across servers. Cycle 2101 will be online in about 10 minutes. Sorry for the delay.

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Thanks guys! It’s working now, updating several as I type :smiley:

Hi all - cycle 2101 is online now (again), this time working. Please try and let us know if there are any issues. Again, sorry for the delay.



thanks its working now!

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