UGKO Runway a bit off

Hi, I recently started building a scenery for UGKO. Runway provided by Navigraph seems to be a little sideways (1 or 2 degrees).

Would it be possible to align it so we build scenery exactly as it is in real life or would it be better to attach custom ILSs?

(From AIP runway True heading is 080.45, when I place it it does not match runway by Navigraph and causes a bit sideways approach)

In the picture you see how runway should be from the line following runway on the left

I have compared our data with the data from the AIP Georgia:

Here directly from the AIP:

07 = 42.17495833, 42.46778888
25 = 42.17868611, 42.49761944

When you now compare these values with our source, you see exactly the same information:

But the true heading in the AIP is wrong because when you calculate 07 - 25, you will find out that the true heading is NOT 80.45 but 80.41726318 and we use the exact true heading. That is the reason for the slightly shift, I assume. When you use also the runway-coordinates above + the real-true heading you will see, that the runway matches exactly.

We can try to adapt this but I´m not 100% sure, if this is the real solution - possible in your case but we must look on all other cases too.

Hope that helps,

According to the given published coordinates
N42 10 29.85 E042 28 04.04 for runway 07 threshold
N42 10 43.27 E042 29 51.43 for runway 25 threshold
the runway true course, using the WGS84 ellipsoid earth model is indeed 80.45
It is 80.42 using the spherical great circle model
I’m pretty sure the simulator use the WGS84 model since probably FSX
Hope it will help


Thanks Hervé - yes, it´s right - I use the “spherical great circle model”. I will check, if I can switch to the WGS84 model.

Thanks again guys,

Thanks for replies. Please let me know once you have an update on which runway heading i should use for scenery. thanks

I have released revision 4 now, where I have changed the earth model calculation to WGS-84 …

The true-heading at UGKO is now exactly 80.45191. More precision is not possible in MSFS. We have changed the complete logic now behind to fully support WGS-84. There are a few “open tasks” which must be changed but the main task is finished.

Please try revision 4 now … it should be ok, I hope.


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