U.S. user can't get any Airport info other than page 1 of any Mexican, European, or Oceana Intl. Airports

Is there a reason no STARS, SIDS, APPCHS are available for large airports outside of my country.
I just bought OrbX for Spain and ortho for NZ and MExico and can’t navigate IFR without plates.

The moving map works fine so is it me?


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Could you post a screenshot of how it looks to you, please? Which exact airports are you missing procedures at?



thanks for the quick response Stephen.
here is the screenshot of avitab as I fly into NZQN, If I’m flying in the US every airport I query comes up with charts but outside the US, it just displays 0 for all IFR charts

Ah, that’s Avitab, not our Charts app. We support Avitab with Charts capability though, if you use an account with an Ultimate subscription.

If you sign in to one of our Charts apps, e.g. Charts Cloud (https://charts.navigraph.com), do you see all the charts for NZQN and the other airports?

If so, please contact Avitab and report the problem.



well that explains it! Last year I must have had ultimate when I paid for the yearly subscription in advance but after moving to Mexico, I messed up when signing up for Navigraph and ended up paying monthly.
Can I convert to ultimate at this time? I really like the convenience of in-flight access to avitab
thanks again for the great support!

Hi John,

You already have Ultimate Monthly subscription which gives you all services - Charts and FMS Data. Ultimate Yearly is just a cheaper option over a year which you can convert to at any time at Subscriptions.


Thanks ill do it tomorrow

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The only thing you need to do is to follow my instruction above.

As Ian said, there is nothing wrong with your subscription, you already have the full package. And yes we have complete charts coverage for NZQN and likely the other places you refer to.