Two xplane 11 installation on one HD

I have two installations of Xplane:

  • C:\Xplane 11
  • C:\Xplane clean

How can I make the Data Manager update both installations?
Screenshot 2022-12-18 231839

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Hi Florin,

By default, only one copy of X-Plane 11 is supported.

In Settings your X-Plane 11 path should be where your main X-Plane.exe is located. You should navigate to it and Save it. Based on your post, lets say it is C:\XPlane 11.

Addons for this installation should detected by Scan in Addon Mappings

A second copy can be manually added:

In Addon Mappings you can manually +Add:

  • For Please select an addon… choose X-Plane (11.50+),
  • For Install into… choose User Defined Folder - C:\Xplane clean\Custom Data

If you have addons for this second copy you will need to map them manually.


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Hi Florin,

Glad to help.

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