Two sims, P3D4.5 an 5?

Please explain how I can get the charts to recognize ‘5’ as well?

please explain what do you mean by “charts to recognize 5”? The charts are sim independent and don´t need any sim nor any specific sim version …

So, please give us more details/screenshots or similar else, that we can understand what you exactly mean/need.

Thank you,

Hi Richard,
Did you not read the title of my query or realise that It refers to P3Dv5?

I am running both versions of P3D.
I only have charts for P3Dv4.5, even though P3Dv5 is within the same P.C.

Thank you, Dave.

Hi Dave,
I have read your title of this topic … but Im not sure if you read my answer or understand my answer.

The chart application don’t need any simulator installed. It runs with and without it because its a own application. So, you can install FS9, FSX, P3D (all versions), MSFS or XP (all versions) and the chart application starts without any problem. But you can also use a own PC, a table, mobile phone where you don’t have installed a sim and it works also.

The charts per se don’t check, if and what sim is installed.

As an other example:To use the moving map for example, you need simlink, which needs the simulator version.

So again my question:
What do you mean, with your question? Please make screenshots (working, not working) what you miss that we can see what you mean, if you are not familiar with the wordings/applications.

Thank you

Hi Dave,

We have two product lines: Charts and FMS Data. Maybe you are referring to FMS Data?

Addons for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 are supported for AIRAC updates via FMS Data Manager and Manually at FMS Data .

These are for the addons and do not update P3D itself as per FAQ - Navigraph updates for FS9, FSX and P3D - #2

For which addons are you trying to update navdata?


I am using the Charts with P3D5 and the #Enable moving maps function enabled by clicking on the ‘up arrow’ at the top of the page and aircraft indicator on the ground showing where you are on taxiways is not working.
Everything work in P3Dv4.5 as it should but, not in v5.1.
Thanking you for your help.

Hi Dave,
ok, so now we know from what you are speaking: from the moving map, thanks for this information.

You wrote something about taxiway-charts, where you don´t see the purple arrow - with P3Dv4 you see the arrow on exactly the same taxiway-chart? I ask because no all charts are geo-referenced, means that you don´t see the arrow on such charts.

Another question:

  • When P3Dv5 is running, can you connect it to the charts - means is the arrow on the right-top white or also purple.
  • The connection between your sim´s and the charts will be made by the SimLink tool, it´s a small tool in your tray. Can you check what version do you have installed please



image Thanks. This one.

Ah ok Dave … then as a first step, update SimLink to the latest version:

  1. Close all sim´s
  2. Uninstall SimLink via the normal windows “Programs and Features” application
  3. Download the latest SimLink version from here
  4. Install it please
  5. Check, the “Plugin Status” (red circle) if you see both (v4 and v5) - yellow marker
  6. when you not see v5 - Press on the “Plugin settings” (green circle) and press the “Install Simlink” button in the P3Dv5 line

You can “Uninstall Simlink” and re-install it again for the P3Dv5 line also - only to be sure, that the plugin is really in the correct location.

Start the sim, start the charts and try it again :wink:

Thanks Richard.

All sorted with thanks to you sir.

You made this 79 year old a ‘happy chappy’ today, lolol

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Great Dave … fine, that this issue is sorted out. Let us know, when we can do more for you!

Have a nice day,

Yes Thankyou Richard. You can close it now.

Dave (Doorstep)

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