Top Of Decent

I really enjoy using Navigraph and use it extensively. If there is just one thing I would like to see as an enhancement is that the top of decent be shown in the flight plan. If not in Navigraph proper perhaps in Simbrief.

Simbrief typically provides a Top of Descent point already, including a LAT/LON position. I’d think it shouldn’t be too difficult to display that in the Charts App on the map.

Well I spent two hours scouring several of my flight plans and I couldn’t find a thing. I even did a search to no avail.

I think it depends on the OFP template you use how it’s presented. For example in the
default LIDO template, you can usually find it in the Flight Log/ Navigation Log. For example:

N873                         410   024  .77 300/037  M66  1262  2148
T O D       N5149.9 0001 ...  20   024  429    M005  M09
           E00418.7 0107 ...   6   140  424       2  434  ....  ....

I hope this is what you’re looking for.

No this is presented after the fact no use in flight planning.


Please see TOC and TOD points in map charts - #3 by dcamp70 and add your vote to Show TOC and TOD on the map.


Thanks Ian but I can assure you that in the 100 or so flight plans I have made over the past few years I have never seen a TOD or TOC symbol of any map. I can send you my last few flight plans and I can assure you there is nothing

Usually you have to zoom in a bit to see the TOC/TOD points. If they’re close to other fixes, those labels seem to get priority over TOC/TOD labels.

I already sent you a zoomed in screen shot. Did you see any TOD label? No, because it doesn’t exist.
Why do all you responders go out of your way to prove me wrong? I’m a Professional Mechanical Engineer and very certain of my facts.
I’ve come to the conclusion asking for help here is an exercise in futility.

So far, all I have seen is attempts to help you out:

All of this is correct. In many cases, SimBrief does calculate TOC and TOC, and subsequently does show them on the map! However, this is not always the case.

I took a look at your flight @technobody and indeed, no such points are being calculated. That could be because you seem to be using a custom aircraft type which is missing key performance numbers. I can’t say for sure if this is the real reason, but I will ask someone who knows!

So to summarize: I will get a clarification on when TOC & TOD are included in SimBrief flightplans.

For an integration of these points into Navigraph Charts, see the already mentioned wishlist topic!

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On further inspection: @technobody your flight also has a calculated TOC and TOD.

Here is the overview:

Here is the TOC:

And here is the TOD:

Are you sure that you can’t find these on your map? Ensure that the flightplan has been fully generated, the preview you see before pressing the Generate Flight button does not include these waypoints.

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There is a screen shot of my flight plan does it look like yours? Why do you guys go to such great lengths to prove me wrong?

I am not trying to prove you wrong. You are describing an unexpected situation that I am not able to reproduce, and I am trying to confirm with certainty that you are indeed not getting these waypoints calculated.

Your screenshot includes several waypoints without labels. This is because you are not zoomed in enough. We can’t confirm whether or not your route has these waypoints based on that image alone, since any of the unlabeled waypoints could be TOC/TOD.


My screenshot shows what I get if I load your latest flightplan and zoom in. If I download your latest OFP flightplan as a PDF, I can see TOC and TOD in the flight log section:

Are you saying that this waypoint is missing from the OFP when you download it?

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