Toolbar addon shimmering

Is it for everyone that the Navigraph Toolbar addon is heavily shimmering/aliasing in VR since SU5?

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Hello Rene! Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your feedback! I have heard that this has happened in many cases since SU5, not for our panel but in general for other instruments etc. I have personally not experienced what you are describing though, so perhaps there is something that can be adjusted in the settings?

Unfortunately, the technicalities behind the issue are beyond our reach and/or influence. That said, we would love it if more people could verify/confirm the issue, and perhaps even find a workaround!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you Malte! I wouldn’t know what to adjust within the sim. Maybe something in the Nvidia control panel?

I have personally not touched the NCP, and I have not fiddled any with the MSFS settings either. Perhaps this thread can be helpful despite all the hate?


Will check there! Thanks, m8

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I have the same problem, ingame panel is not clear at all since update.



Please try the suggested link in Malte’s post above.