TOC & TOD differ

This may be a lack of experience by me.
When using Simbrief and generating a FP I can see the TOC occasionally differs to the TOD.
eg - EGCC to LXGB has a TOC of 330 but a TOD 350
and KSDF to KJFK has a TOC 330 but a TOD 290.
Most FP’s do not show this difference but quite few do.
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This is due to step climbs (or step descents) most likely. During the cruise phase, you might initially cruise at FL330, and midway through the flight, step up to FL350. In that case, you’d see your TOC was FL330 but your TOD was 350.

On your EGCC-LXGB flight, you’ll notice this line near the top of the flight plan:


That indicates an initial altitude of 330, and at waypoint PERUP, it has planned a climb to FL350.

Hope this helps,

Yes it does help - thank you

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